Mansi is very slow in her all activity. She is not involve with her friends even she maintain distance with us, her brother also. She is week in study. But with good guidance under Dr. Hitesh Gandhi now we found so many positive results. Now she herself take interest in her study even do her all activity very confidently.



My son Idarish is week in study. He is not even interested in his study even we can’t notice his present in our house. There is no inter action between his brother. But after this Mid Brain Activation workshop we find so many positive changes in Idarish. Now he is interested in his study. Even my relatives and my neighbor they can also inquire about changes in Idarish.

Idarish Parmar

Idarish Parmar

My daughter is average and my son is slow but due to this Mid Brain Workshop I found extra benefit in my both children. My daughter is now take interest in her study and get good marks compare to previous. And my son is now very active and competitive.

Harsha Babariya

Children Piya and Krish