We are establishing as a globally developing company for child, teenagers and adults brain development. We are aiming to cover maximum number of people on the world and contribute to develop healthy and intellectual society.

Dr Hitesh Gandhi (DHMS, CCH (Child Health)) is well experienced Homoeopath and child and human psychology and is dedicated in research and program development for different courses.

Our Vision: To bring out each and every child’s innate power and potential. Every child has right to grow rich and become genius, to help them to become genius.

Our Mission: To develop more intellectual, strong, creative and advanced society by developing more intellectual, creative, strong and dedicated child.

Our Goals: To develop and grow each child in physical, mental and intellectual aspect, so they can use their intelligence and use their maximum physical and mental power to achieve their goal.
Our Dream: To become world’s largest brain power training institute worldwide.
Our future program: To launch training program for children preparing for higher studies.

  • Special program for children who are weak in their studies.
  • Guiding program for parenting.
  • Training program for adults for stress management and develop more positivity in their life.
  • Mid brain activation program for adult.