Vedic mathematics is the name given to ancient Indian system of calculation mentioned in Vedas, which was discovered by Guru Shree Bharti Krishnatirthji Maharaj between 1911 to 1918. He worked on Veda especially on Atharva Veda for 7 years. After 7 years of hard work and his meditation and yoga, he discovered Vedic mathematic calculations based on 16 sutras and 13 sub sutras mentioned in Ganitha sutras in Atharava Veda. His work made complex mathematic calculations very easy, simple and interesting. In the late of his age, Swami Shree Bharti Krishnatirthji Maharaj published the book on Vedic maths based on his work on the sutra.

            Ancient Indian culture was scholar in all braches of sciences which was taught in Gurukuls by Rishis mastering the Vedas. Similarly, in subject of calculation lot of work was done at that time known as Ganitha Sutras. All great ancient Indian mathematician like Panini (4 B.C. ), Aryabhttah (476 – 520 A.D.), Varah mihira (505 – 587 A.D.), Pingla (598 – 670 A.D.), Brahma Gupta (598 – 668 A.D.), Bhaskara I & II (600 – 680 A.D.) , Shri Dhra (870 – 930 A.D.), Mahavira ( 9th century ), Pavalluri ( 11th century ) Etc…. were scholar of vedic mathematics.

            Vedic maths is a very powerful set of mathematics and calculation and it makes person 30 to 40 times smarter and intelligent than a normal person. Vedic maths is not only calculation of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division but speeds up complex calculation of all – arithmetic, algebra and geometry. This method is very simple and easily understable that’s why it becomes very much popular day by day. Now a days it is accepted by so many countries worldwide like England, Europe, south Africa , Oman , U.A.E., Nigeria , Etc… and considered in their study syllabus. In India so many    schools, colleges and universities have accepted and mentioned in syllabus.

            Vedic maths is not only useful in schools but is very helpful in our day to day life. It is also helpful in preparation of competitive exams like GPSE, UPSE, CAT, MAT, IIT, JEE, JEEE, GUJCAT, GSAT etc… and higher studies like branches of engineering, economics, CA , CS and advanced financial courses.

Vedic maths has made modern maths very interesting, funny, easy and simple. This new era of old mathematic technics will bring revolution in the study of maths and calculations.



 Vedic maths serves marvelous benefits.

  • Vedic maths speed up to simple mathematically calculation by almost up to 1700 times…
  • Vedic maths speed up complex mathematical calculation by almost 15 times more.
  • As calculation time increase much it saves times.
  • It removes fear of maths from the students and create fun and interest in maths.
  • It is based on only 16 sutras and 13 sub-sutras so it is very easy and understandable to the student.
  • It cut short long calculation and equation so very easy for student.
  • It helps in accuracy almost up to 100 % and improves logic and creativity.
  • Regular practice of vedic maths has a positive effect on students mind so it increases mental power and abilities.
  • Practice of vedic maths act as a neurobics so it increases concentration, memory, intuition, creativity and confidence.
  • Mental calculations, logics and pictorial method helps to do some mentally from left to right brain has positive effect on right brain.
  • With Vedic maths, child cultivates and interest for number and calculations and eliminates maths phobia which helps child to create interest through of the life.
  • Vedic maths become very useful to competitive exam like SAT, GMAT, CAT, JEE, JEEE, and other engineering exam, Banking and Finance. it also helps in higher studies like engineering, banking, finance, CA, CS and advance finance and management.
  • Because of decline in globe maths education – vedic maths is substitute for the traditional maths method.




Eligible Age : – Above 10 years

Time :- Every Sunday 2 to 4

Duration :- 1 Years