Basics of human memory

In AMD course memory is boosted by right and left brain balancing, Alpha music activation and Memory technique.

Relaxation and meditation
In this brain is relaxed completely so that activation condition can be easily achieved. This leads to advances to memory power, photographic memory and comprehensive speed reading.

Understanding Memory science.
It is necessary to understand the science of memory. In workshop seminars we teach scientific aspect of memory, its types, secretes, the process of remembering and factors affecting the memory. 

Memory techniques :
By different techniques we teach how to remember different things like name and face, long numbers, dates, descriptive answers, stories etc. Student has to practice hard to be master in all techniques.

Self development technique :
 By audio visual training, games, motivational videos and question answering we teach how to use maximum brain power, how to relax, how to achieve goals and how to motivate.

Study technique :
In this we teaches revision technique, fast reading technique, comprehensive reading technique, fast writing technique and examination preparation techniques.

Study stress and Exam fear management :
In the workshop we teach how to relax and avoid stress and examination fear.