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We offer business opportunity for interested and enthusiastic person for one center or whole city all over in India.
Mid brain Activation Program for children is most modern and scientific technique to activate child’s brain and bring out his innate potential. By this program child can use his brain maximum.
Mid brain Activation is a technique of balancing Left and Right Brain, Midbrain Activation, Super Sensory Perception and Maximum usability of brain by simple Exercise, Meditation, Fun, Techniques and Practices.


Super sensory development: – Child can read, write, draw, coloring, playing games, riding vehicles with blind folds. Child can do all the things blind folded which a normal person can do with eyes.
Improvement in study: – It improves concentration, memory, learning capacity and confidence level.
Success in life: – It enriches intuition power, creativity, talents, confidence and emotional stability.
Better health: – Child can experience good physical and mental health and good mood, peace, pleasure, freshness and sound sleep.


One time investment.
No child sharing.
Franchise for One center, One area, One City or One State.
Our package can be customized suitable to your budget.


We are providing following courses

MidBrain Activation Program

1. Basic Course

  1. Activation (Blindfold Development)

2. Advance Course

  1. Enhancement (By using Brainwaves)

Smart Student Development Course

  1. Comprehensive Speed Reading
  2. Memory Enhancement

D.M.I.T. (Dermatoglyphics Multi[le Intelligence Test)

Note: – For detail see our Presentation.

  1. We provide training for trainers ( 2-Person)
  2. One day detailing and training of courses.
  3. Two days Practical Training in workshop.
  4. We provide Certificate as completion of Training Course by Mid Brain Power.
  5. We observe your training session to evaluate and assurance.

Business Help

  1. Hardware and Software of training Module and Training guide.
  2. Soft copy of Admission form and Follow up sheet.
  3. Soft material for Kit.
  4. Soft Boucher design for Advertisement.
  5. Contact detail in Website.
  6. Demo presentation PPT